You might want to make plans to visit our 4 acre informal garden outside Mars Hill, NC.



If you are thinking about a landscaping project you will find a lot of ideas and inspiration here. You can begin to see how we paint with foliage shapes, colors, and textures, and integrate them with a variety of water and rock features into our landscape. Please browse through our Garden gallery, event calendar, and articles – but, careful! - you may just have to visit (and we would love to host you). While this is an ideal place for weddings and fundraisers, event hosting is not our business (though we occasionally make exceptions). It takes a lot of effort to get the gardens back in shape after hundreds of people have rolled through. Let us know when you are coming and we’ll try to have someone on hand to answer your questions. Please understand, everyone here loves dirt – so it’s hard to keep people working in the office.



Enjoy our garden gallery...


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