A noted Himalayan art patron and collector asked to have the land around her studio and home landscaped to display some of her collection.

"Jack Jarvis not only brought his immense knowledge of the natural world to the development of my garden, but has taught me to become a major part of that process.  His ability to overlap colors, varietals and textures has created a magnificent garden full of glorious hues that will last all year long. He is the developer,  but with 100's of choices you are the inspiration he seeks to allow you to be part of that process and create what makes you happy inside.

Early mornings as I open the front door, I watch my junipers within the topiary pines fill with rays of misty light creating the illusions of dragons and fu-dogs dancing together in harmony.  It is a truly magical place that has transformed my life forever."

-Barbara Cook

Ms. Cook died on October 21st - a few weeks after writing these wonderful words for me. She was a true friend and I enjoyed every moment working for her. May she find her true home and know peace! All Buddhas and Bodhisatvas - remember your vows and aid her!




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