There are persons who see only with their eyes and persons whose see with their full being. The latter are the ones who invite what the earth and their clients desire and let creativity flow from what they see. Jack Jarvis is one of the latter.

Coming to North Carolina several years ago as new homeowners, we were blessed by having Jack Jarvis become our guide and friend in the process of letting the beauty that our property wanted to have, arise.

We first spent time in Jack's gardens getting to know him and being nourished by the environment that arose in the old tobacco fields in Mars Hills which he had transformed. He did this in a way in which all people felt invited to share the beauty of nature. 

Our confidence and Jack is so great that with just a few conversations and a shake of the hands, we were able to return to our winter home and know that we would be welcomed in the spring by a Jarvis creation. We were not disappointed in any way.

Jack's decades of experience in landscaping small as well as multi-acre gardens, has provided him a wealth of knowledge that he easily gets to share in a way that is clean and easy to understand. He has stood strongly by all that he creates always concerned with our being pleased. In addition, his ongoing willingness, like a great artist, to alter his canvas if needed,until he and we were totally satisfied, spoke well of his integrity.

We welcome guests to view his work at our home and/or speak with us concerning our recommendation.


Fran and Mitch Cantor




Webmaster Note: Mitch Cantor. a Zen teacher and Fine Art Photographer, contributed many of the images on this website.


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